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"Nicho Too" was voted "Fastest Boat of the day"


The Webmaster (me) is of the               opinion  his "ThingameBob"                                                                 "Look the best"


NAGS May 11th 2016

Forecast 20 ==> 30 kts + WNW

We had to give our usual Sailing spot in Dawsons Cove a big miss and decided to sail 50 metres away in Lake Victoria on a lee shore. "B" rigs were the order of the day and 5 yachts adventured out in to Lake Victoria.  Fortunately David, as usual had his Lakes Boat on standby as a rescue craft


We had our usual NAGS BBQ lunch and then the wind decided to shift South (complete opposite to the Forecast) and as the water started to chop up and the "B" rigs became overpowered headed for home at about 2pm